The Blue Guitar CD cover The Blue Guitar. Pearl, Pavilion Records, SHE CD 9609
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The debut album, judged to be the Critics' Choice of the Year by Gramophone magazine.
H. Villa-Lobos - Five Preludes
Sir Michael Tippett - "The Blue Guitar"(world premiere recording).
D. Fampas - "Two Greek Dances"
Also works by G. Delerue, K.Georginakis, M.D.Pujol.
Mediterraneo CD cover Mediterraneo. Pearl, Pavilion Records, SHE CD 9634
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John Tavener - "Chant" (World premiere recording).
Mikis Theodorakis - " Four Epitaphs".
also works by Stephen Dodgson, M.Duarte, K.Georginakis, E.Boudounis, G.Milliaressis.
La guitarra latina CD cover La Guitarra Latina. Chandos Records, CHAN 9732 Pernambuco: "Sons de Carrinhoes", "Grauna",
Ernesto Cordero: "Tres Canticas Negras".(Premiere recording).
A. Piazzolla: "Three Tangos".
Plus works by Dilermando Reis, R.Dyens, Hector Ayala and E.Vasquez.
Fuoco CD cover Fuoco! Harmonia Mundi, MAN 5110 HMCD 83
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Dimitri Fampas: "Greek Suite No 1"
Carlo Domeniconi: "Krysea Phorminx Op.54" (dedicated to Eleftheria Kotzia)
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco: "Tarantella"
Evangelos Boudounis: "Spring Songs"
Roland Dyens: "Andantinostalgie" (Hommage á Villa-Lobos), "Fuoco" (Libra Sonatine)
Plus works by Regino Sainz De La Maza, Nikos Mamagakis, Erik Satie and Albert Roussel.
Gypsy Ballad CD cover Gypsy Ballad Somm SOMM 0130
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Gypsy Ballad CD includes the Spaniards Moreno Torroba and Joaquin Rodrigo as well as songs and dances from the ‘old world’ (Armenia, Macedonia, the Balkans, Persia[Iran]). The gypsy song Sostar Mange was beautifully crafted by the Czech composer Sylvia Bodorová in her Gypsy Ballad. From the ‘new world’ the famous tangos Cumparsita and El Choclo from Argentina and Uruguay are the only arrangements, alongside original music from Brazil, the infectious rhythms of the Afro-influenced music of the Caribbean and the purity of Venezuelan song.
Respectus CD cover Respectus By René Eespere Estonian Record Productions ERP 7313
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Music with the guitar featuring chamber works written for guitar by Estonian composer René Eespere.
Eleftheria performs in the two movement Concerto for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra:
I Tres clavi in crucem
II Visionis
Fall and Resurrection CD cover Fall and Resurrection by John Tavener. Chandos Records, CHAN 9800 Premiere performance recorded in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London on January 4, 2000.
Master Class CD cover Master Class Eros Music AE CD85022 A Collection by Greek guitarists ,featuring:Duo Evangelos&Liza, Duo Boudounis &Razi, K.Grigoreas, A.Goni, E.Kotzia, N.Mavroudis,E.Papandreou etc.